Monday, March 06, 2006

e4 show

We didn't get there til later, but I think the e4 opening went well. People were still arriving even as we pooped out and left, so that's good. It's always cool when lots of the nice people you know in town end up in the same place.

C and I both kind of fell for the same painting but it was priced at more than we had agreed to spend. Then on the way home we at first joked "hey, we could put less toward retirement this year than we'd planned and get it" and then it wasn't a joke and we were serious. It's a couple of days later and we're still undecided.


T-Seabs said...

If I had a better job or at least more hours, I'm sure Tucan Jeff and his killing of classmates would have come home with me. ...after the show of course.

Oden, Miles said...

instead of looking at it as "taking money away from retirement," you could look at it as a solid investment that with time will grow in value. Assuming any and all of e4 ever become in the 'in'. Which painting are you thiniking about? I fond of the 'Callous'.

POST SCRIPT: Did you see 'Howl's Moving Castle'?

Almighty Ryan said...

Who's the artist that did the painting you want?

decnavda said...

Wow ive never seen so many metrosexuals all at once. must be a comming out of the closet meeting.

Mr. Hill said...

I finally saw Howl's Moving Castle about a week ago--I'd been waiting for Cinema Center to bring it to town, but after they'd had it on their "Coming Soon" list for three months, I got it from Netflix.

I think it's pretty great--the robots are so sad that you want to adopt them. I still think Spirited Away is my favorite, but I should have a few more Miyazaki movies coming in the mail over the next few months.

I can't actually recall the name of the painting we're keen on. It is one of their collaborative pieces, the large one on the opposite wall from the piece they used on the post card.

Oden, Miles said...
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