Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Let it Was

I finally got my hands on this movie, though I had to deal with a shady ebay seller to do it. Especially after reading that dang book about 'em, I've been feeling the need to see them at work together. I like Hard Day's Night a lot, sure, but that's early, happy Beatles. I wanted to see the hairy, grumpy Beatles at work and play. And this movie is that. Anybody know why this isn't available in DVD? It's insane that it isn't, really. When I bought mine on ebay, I thought I was buying an old copy--that it used to be on DVD and was now discontinued for some legal reason. After getting it in the mail, I'm convinced it's probably a boot--my first. I'm gonna justify owning it by arguing that it's not available in any format and I really, really wanted it.

Moral quandary resolved, let's talk about the movie. Oh, are they hairy, dirty-looking hippies. I mean, these are my favorite haircuts of all for them, but when you see them living in the hair and the beards and the floppy clothes, it all looks so dirty. Pretty magnificent.

There is no real plot to the film, of course--it's just them screwing around with tracks for Let it Be and a few for Abbey Road and talking and what not and what amazes me the most is how well they seem to be getting along through it all. I just finish this book that talks only about the bad blood going on in the studio at this time, and almost none of it made it to the film. We do see Paul kind of being the control freak, but I also feel like they they are kind of cool with him running things. It's strange to see. I'll have to watch it again a few times to see if I can pick up on subtexts.

Speaking of, it'd be nice if there were subtitles so that I could watch it like I watch the British (original and better though the American one is funny too) version of The Office and pick up on lines I can't make out. But there aren't.

Anyway, if you are a friend of mine, you should consider asking to borrow this movie from me. I will probably say no and laugh at you, but you should still ask. You might get lucky.

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T-Seabs said...

Well since no one wants to jump to be bitten, I'll ask! Hah! I'd ask even more if you were to have it on original Beta as I have a good old Betamax laying in my room. I could bring my DVD enabled laptop and watch it within view....