Tuesday, March 14, 2006

On the El

Here's one of my favorite photos from our Chicago weekend. That's the Mtn Bikin' Mama herself, waiting with me to grab the train back into town after walking around the huge botanical conservatory they have on the West side of town. We didn't have proper change to buy a train ticket, so the CRT employee waived us through for free. How cool is that? We just acted real clueless and she said "well, even I wouldn't walk around in this neighborhood, so I don't want you to go off looking for change for a $20."

There are few things better to do in a city than to rattle around on trains. You can read a book or stare at strangers. You don't have to steer or yell at bad drivers. There is no "train rage;" there is only free time.


Almighty Ryan said...

That was a very cool thing for that person to do. I can't imagine what having to find your way through Chicago at night would be like.

decnavda said...
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decnavda said...

why u always discriminating like that holmes?