Saturday, May 16, 2009

I hadn't listened to PJ Harvey since, like, 1994, but apparently, somehow, she has persevered and still makes freaky and cool music.  There's a slightly cooler version of this song on NPR's All Songs Considered podcast, but this version is really good.

My 4 yr old is singing it now and has almost figured out how to work Youtube, so I think it's time to go to the library or something.

Update:  My wife Catherine hates this song.


sarahjane said...

I don't think I like it either.

Mr. Hill said...

I know. Catherine made fun of it in this high falsetto, like she was Olive Oil or something, enough times that I don't like it anymore either.

Maybe I was drawn in by the idea of "leaving California," which is always an extremely sad thing for me to do.

Ryan said...

Pitchfork gave it a mediocre rating. Therefore, I cannot like it.