Saturday, May 02, 2009

Saturday Indoors

"Postcolonial Family Planning: The Heredity of Desire in J.M. Coetzee's Disgrace and Waiting for the Barbarians."

I came up with the title three weeks ago, have been composing the paper in my head for two weeks, and today I have to write it for realz. And it's sunny out. I'm locked in the library where it is supposed to be quiet, but the guy in the study room next to me is rocking some loud R&B, and out in the hall is a convention's worth of doulas and nutritionists all talking in the animated but knowingly serene voice reserved for the discussion of crunchy child-rearing. Conditions are not optimal.

Still, I'm confident I can get 6-8 pages out by 2:00 so we can drive out to the hippie drum circle May Day celebration I saw advertised at the coffee shop this morning. I will have to cross my fingers as I type.


nathan_fisher said...

You're reading the Miranda July book? What'd you think of that movie?

ALSO--When are you getting a twitter? It's hipness is peaking. And it's better than that Facebook garbage, if I do say so myself.

Mr. Hill said...

It has been awhile, but I remember the movie being fun enough, if a little too precious at times. The stories are the same. I kind of like that video of Miranda July out there where she strikes a different funny pose every couple beats. Forget what song. And she has pretty eyes.

I am on Twitter and have tweeted nothing. So you're on it, then? I joined to follow someone famous, but it got boring pretty quickly. I wonder if there are any poets on Twitter.

Calypso said...

Twitter is boring, unless you're following Tom Crean and can laugh when he spells it "LUDAKRISS."

I spend way too much time with my sports editor.

Anyway, I'm coming home for the summer this Friday. Any chance for a visit during one of your prep periods Monday or Tuesday?

Mr. Hill said...

ouch . . that had to hurt recruiting. Now I'm worried about our next class.

My prep period is first, so you'd have to get here earlies. Either day will be great--I'd love to see you. I am also in the resource room during 7th period, if that fits your waking hours better.