Sunday, May 17, 2009

It is rare that gardening is so exciting that you feel like every second counts, but this evening was one of those moments: Frost Warning. I've never had so much fragile stuff in the ground for a frost warning before, so the stakes were high. High enough to cover the freaky rainbow-hued heirloom tomatoes I'm trying this year, at least (not pictured). Looking at that red sheet on the lilac bush there, I think I'm going to have to go out and adjust it.
Last year, this was just an herb garden, but this year it's an herb/ cutting garden, so the bunkers have to be extra-fortified. For some reason, spending money on plants doesn't feel like spending money, but that doesn't mean I want to buy enough stuff to re-plant this thing.
Some blooms, you just have to say goodbye to. God by ye, Sweet Woodruff, my favorite shade plant. I will have that area under the peach tree cleared out a little more for you next year so you can run a little.
And some, you can only cross your fingers for. Siberian Iris, the single most anticipated bloom in my whole yard, I hope . . I hope . . I can't even talk about it--let's just not go there.
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LetsGoThrow said...

It looks like Christo paid you a visit in that first picture.

Mr. Hill said...

good one.

I mean "lol"

Dawn Potter said...

No you don't mean "lol." I've considered killing the next person who writes that on a Facebook comment. And enough with the punctation faces. Blah. Christo I can go for, however. Maybe you could provide an accompanying artist's statement, and you and your wife could dress eclectically for a photo shoot of the project.

sarahjane said...

In retrospect do you think you overreacted?

Mr. Hill said...

Well, overreacting was part of the fun, so no. It got the Boy Scout in me engaged for a bit, at least.

Will look into the eclectic photo shoot idea. I'm afraid our wardrobes would not be up to it.