Thursday, May 21, 2009

Blackboard Check-in

So here is what the blackboard is up to these days, a line from one of Black Widow Press's books of Paul Eluard's stuff, Last Love Poems.  Everyone is always all "oh, the Spanish, the Spanish," but for me it's more Desnos and even Breton.  The French were more than just a gimmicky bunch of party boys.  But maybe nobody is accusing them of that.  And maybe you can like both Lorca and Eluard and you don't have to take sides.  I hadn't thought of that.
And in case you were wondering what happened to Mouse after his last adventure, in which he lost his heart, here is the conclusion of "Mouse."


sarahjane said...

Oh, how I love poetry on blackboards in a home! Our little blackboard is one of my favorite upkeeps--leafing through the books to find the perfect line.

noochinator said...

Does anyone know of a book in which I can find Paul √Čluard’s poem “Le tableau noir”, which the poet dedicated to Leonor Fini?