Friday, January 20, 2006

Big new releases coming up:

It's not often two of your favorites release an album within a couple of weeks. Chan Marshall seems to get better with every new record and B&S seem to--I dunno what they're doing. Their newer sound isn't the one I fell in love with, but it's still smart. Some people are saying this new one is the best since their second release.

As much as I love seeing Belle & Sebastian live, Cat Power may have been one of my most agonizing live experiences. She wasn't even all that bad--what made it so terrible was her attitude. I remember that after the opening band was done we heard this whining voice coming from this woman seated behind our table: "I don't wanna go up there! I don' wanna go!" she kept moaning to no one in particular. This, it turned out, was Chan Marshall herself. Stage fright, I guess. She sounded okay once she got up there, or actually, no she didn't, but what made it worse was how little pleasure she was getting out of it all. You just felt embarrassed for her.

Still, I'd see her again. She's awesome. Cath thinks I'm crazy for that, but oh well.

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