Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Near hand-dryer breakthrough

For a moment today, I thought that I had discovered a breakthrough in hand drying technique. As I washed my hands this morning in the bathroom down the hall from my classroom, it occurred to me: there are two hand-dryers, and I have two hands. Why not turn both of them on at the same time? That way, each hand would have the benefit of getting the full force of its own hand-dryer.

I tried it immediately, and soon noticed that what this technique does not have is the drying effect given by step #2, "Rub hands gently." As a result, the machines turned off with both of my hands slightly less dry than they would have been had I used a single dryer. A major disappointment.

I guess that's why step #1 isn't "Push button on two dryers if available."


Tito said...

What I don't understand, Mr. Hill, is why rubbing your hands has anything to do with it? Aren't you then just transferring water from hand to hand? Do you use a paper towel to open the door afterwards?

Mr. Hill said...

Well, in my personal experience, with this particular model of hand-dryer, I have noticed a marked improvement in hand dryness when following the directions and actually "rubbing hands gently." It may have something to do with friction or heat, a question better left to experts.

As for opening the door, we do not have paper towel in this bathroom, so I simply wait patiently until someone else opens the door on their way in and then prop it open with my feet before it closes.

No wait, we don't have doors in the bathrooms here--that's right, I just walk out.

Random1001.5 said...

You'd think that the air current from the dryer would work. I think that bathroom is like the oldest one in the entire building. At least it looks like it, compared to all the other at least.