Thursday, January 05, 2006

A moment of uncomfortable silence

I think that there has been a message delivered to our morning announcement team to start making the "moment of silence" longer. It used to last just a little bit longer than the time it took students to sit down after saying the Pledge. However, for the four days of this week, they have had time to sit down, stare around the room, and start wondering when the moment of silence is going to end. Some kids sit there with a look on their faces like "when can I start breathing again?" It's as though they can feel it's longer than usual, but they're unwilling to meet each others' eyes because it's supposed to be a serious moment.

I'm not saying there's anything wrong with this, only that it's a noticeable change, and that it's kind of funny to watch.

I wonder if other classes are like this. Maybe not. I have a class of seniors and all of them stand for the Pledge and all of them are quiet for the Moment, though I've never said a word about it--I've never had to. I wonder if classes of freshmen and sophomores behave the same way.

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Random1001.5 said...

In our class it is a little different. In this class we have a mix of freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and a few seniors, it creates somewhat of diversity. Most of the time we stand for the pledge and face the flag, then sit back down silently, then most of the time chatter begins in the moment of silence, unless the teacher quiets us down. Sure the first few times it happened this year it was quiet, but then I guess people thought it was… dumb or something, maybe it makes less special if you do it every day?