Sunday, January 08, 2006

Here is a perfect day for you

This picture from what's happening in some part of Japan is just impossibly beautiful to me right now; I'm missing the snow in a bad way. If this happened here, it'd probably mean school would last until July, but a guy can dream can't he? It looks like a happier version of a flood or tsunami: slowly accumulating, pretty, fun. Think of the igloos I could build.


Random1001.5 said...

That's a lot of snow!!! Winter reminds me of the cold, and I get cold easily, it makes me feel tired, because I use more energy for heat.
Oddly enough, when I went to the mountains a few years ago, it was warm, but there was snow out, and I mean it was like fifty or sixty out, yet there was snow on the ground. It was pretty fun just throwing a few snowballs around.
We would have had a lot of snow this year, it has just been too warm, been a lot more school cancellations.

Mark said...

True, the fun would be great, but eventually turn into a flood once it all melts, like what happened here in Fort Wayne in the 70's. So the fun doesn't last too long.

Mr. Hill said...

Yeah, I guess so. In the picture, though, it looks so nice that I like to believe that it will never melt. Looking at it, I can almost believe that it's a tiny diorama built by a 9 year old for her, I dunno, her "weather" class at school.

janette said...

I actually saw video of this Japanese town on TV tonight. People were up on their roofs shovelling off the snow. I guess that's pretty important if you want to keep your roof from collapsing. Can you imagine if we had to do that every time it snowed? I guess it would be kind of fun.