Thursday, January 26, 2006

Pedro, in a landslide.

Hey has anybody seen this funny movie called Napolean Dynamite? jk, of course you have. I bring it up because I saw a new shirt in the hall at school today that said "Jesus died for Pedro." Because the lettering on all these Pedro shirts look homemade, it was hard to tell if this was something the wearer made or bought somewhere. As a result, I couldn't tell if they were being ironic hipsters, like "look, I'm hip because I'm wearing a post-modern pastiche combining elements of lo pop culture with a contemporary Christian slogan" or if they were wearing it as a clever, sincere expression of their faith.

Either way, it's a funny shirt.

And then also today I walk in on some staff people at school who are talking about a student they think looks exactly like Napolean Dynamite, and I then I hear myself saying to them "no, my neighbor when I grew up was the Napolean Dynamite." Same hair, same glasses, same half-lidded eyes when he talked to you, and, best of all, same running style. Even though he was 18, his mother still drove us around town, to movies, book stores. He didn't like the same comic books I did, but we got along fine.Good guy.

But anyway, it occurred to me that maybe everyone knows someone whom they think looks exactly like NP. And maybe these look-alikes are people that no one ever thought twice about before the movie came out but now they're not only out, but they've got a kind of respect or awe from people who used to ignore them. I hope so. For the real life Napolean Dynamites out there, I hope so.

And no, I'm not one of them.

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Stevie D. said...

I found a drawing of a liger in my son's room, with the caption..." of my favorite animals." I just about died, until I realized he hadn't seen the movie. We're preparing for his inevitable life as a 30-year-old in our basement.