Saturday, January 14, 2006

Broke my heart

Got my first Netflix movie last night, the Wilco documentary I am Trying to Break Your Heart. It's because I had never seen this and couldn't find it around here that helped nudge me into finally getting Netflix, though I'd been close to pulling the trigger lots of times before. Amazingly this plus the Flaming Lips movie Fearless Freaks both got here in one day after being shipped--the shipping envelopes make the movies look like little more than AOL junk mail, and Cath almost threw them out.

So we watched Wilco first and it was a little funny because Cath starts out by saying, "I don't really like Wilco," but then as they played each song, she would say "Oh, but I do like this song." She kept doing this until she remembered that she does in fact like Wilco; she just couldn't remember their sound at first. I hope she doesn't think that me saying this makes her look silly.

The movie ended up being a disappointment. Jeff Tweedy is an amazing song writer and performer, and he seems like a really down to earth fellow with good values and whatever--I love the scene where his little son starts tapping the beat to the song "Heavey Metal Drummer" and he sings along to it--but overall, he's not the most dynamic screen presence and the movie ended up being a little dull. The most interesting personality was Jay Bennett, the guy they kicked out of the band. I guess this is why MTV and other folks always populate their reality shows with idiots.

The music was okay--I liked hearing alternate versions to the album songs, but in almost every case, I preferred the album version to the studio goof-around, knob-twiddling they were doing.

Fearless Freaks looks to be a little more bizarre. I watched the first 10 minutes or so, and Wayne Coyne's drug addled childhood looks like what That 70's Show would have been if it were produced by HBO.

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