Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Spring in our steps

Stayed home with a coughing J on Monday but it was so nice we had to go out and scramble on the woodpile in our yard's "back 40." The sun was warm enough that the air brought that damp, fecund spring feeling to our noses. It was almost sweet like a nice tobacco or something, though I don't know much about nice tobacco.

The snow is back today, but that 's okay too. Time goes so quickly when you're older and with kids that all the seasons come to you soon enough and there is no point in looking forward to them or doing anything but enjoying the one you're in. Gee, don't I sound like I'm at peace with the universe?

It just occurred to me that this photo could have come straight out of the video for "I Wanna Be Adored." J could pass for a mini Reni with that cap on.


Random1001.5 said...

Yeah, time does go extremely quick. I mean it feels like yesterday was the first day of school, and today is finals for the first half of this year. Will Tommorrow actually be tommorrow or will I be graduating high school I wonder.
I've almost forgot what winter was like, without the snow.

Tito said...

Weren't the Roses doing the same thing in the Fool's Gold video? The Marquis de Sade never made no boots like these.

Mr. Hill said...

I think you're right. I wonder if I could find those videos on the net.

Mr. Hill said...

I found a page that has a bunch of great video listed, but none of it opened when I clicked. Bummer.