Saturday, January 14, 2006


Wow, just snagged tickets to go see Belle & Sebastian with New Pornographers. That's gonna be a pretty swell gig, if I do say so. Saw B&S in Detroit a few years back and it was just one of the best shows I've ever been to--it's all about the fun with them.

Ticketmaster do take a bite, tho. That hurt a little. Information superhighway robbery, that is.


letsgothrow said...

Mr. Hill,
I also bought tickets for this concert. Maybe we could go together. Mine are for the last row though. It's all a matter of your outlook, I guess.

Mr. Hill said...

Aw, now I know you're joshin' me. Last row. Right. But if we get there after all the dudes trying to see Neko Case up close when New Pornographers go on, we probably will be last row.

Can you all walk to the venue from your pad?

letsgothrow said...

Unfortunately, we cannot walk there. We will have to take the subway which is right outside K's place to the Lawrence stop which is right outside the venue. Can you handle the public transport?

Also, K wanted me to remind you that she is a director of a residence hall so, while unlikely, you should be prepared for a fire alarm pull or other undergraduate goings-on.

Mr. Hill said...

I don't understand, do you mean that I will be expected to pull a fire alarm because that is K's idea of fun?

That would be a problem, because I was kicked off my college dorm's "Judicial Board" for doing something similar. I may still be on some form of dorm probation, as a matter of fact. Maybe she has access to IU's permanent records and can wipe it from my file for me.

acoolbreeze said...

Is this at the Fort Wayne coliseum? I thought only David Lee Roth played there.

Mr. Hill said...

Yeah, they're opening for David Lee Roth and Stryper.

Nope, gotta take a drive to Chicago for this one. Stereolab is playing the next night, but I don't know if I'm up for two shows on consecutive nights--I'm not 34 any more, you know.